TBC’S Christian

@CHRISTIAN ABCA 49184 Christian is permanently retired from breeding & working, and is living out her life at the Thompson’s farm as Karen’s constant companion! Christian’s DOB is 5-1-94 – hips OFA excellent/pennhip scores above average, eyes CERF! Baer Tested Normal! Christian is a sleek, bw, s-coated, pricked eared bitch! Christian’s temperament is without fault! Christian’sContinue reading “TBC’S Christian”

TBC’s Trey

TBC’S Trey ABC 266434 Cornell School of Veterinarian Medicine read excellent. Elbows normal; eyes tested normal; DNA CEA normal; DNA CL normal. TBC Trey ABC 266434 is a handsome rough coated, black and white, pricked earred male, whose all business when he’s working, and so engaging when he’s not working stock!  Trey is powerful, keen,Continue reading “TBC’s Trey”