I appreciate your inquiring about TBC Border Collie puppies born on my farm at 9400 Tunstall Road, New Kent, Virginia 23124, and those on Karen and Donald Crisp’s Lone Hickory at 2540 Partlow Road, Beaverdam, Virginia 23015. Our goal is and always has been to import, work and breed top bred sheepdogs, who have solid structure, temperament and  genetics that can be seen when they work. Although, I’m strictly a sheep farmer, the pups, that I’ve sold in 40 years have done well as companions, obedience dogs, sports, search and rescue, trick training, freestyle dancing and farm and trial work. Equally, important to the structure, temperament, sheepdog genetics, is doing their hips/elbows and DNA testing to ensure healthier puppies/dogs. If, you have any questions or need additional information, then please contact me preferably by telephone at 804 357-8059 or email at drkarent1946@icloud.com, Karen Crisp at 540 907-1580 or email at lone_hickory@yahoo.com.

Videos are available on the pups on my UTube Channel (in the search box type drkarent1946) and Facebook.

2022 matings:   NOTE:  you may have to copy and paste some of the links, also regarding information and photos on the litters born on TBC and Lone Hickory farms call, text or email me at 804 357-8059 or drkarent1946@icloud.com or Karen Crisp at 540 907-1580!

Imported Coal is sired by Kevin Evans’ Prince, whose a son of Ross Games’ Roy, and his dam is a daughter of Mosse Magnusson’s llanfarian Jim


coal’s sire Prince

Ross Games’ Roy

Coal’s dam Liz’s sire, Llanfarian Jim 283346

Imported Coal 

Imported Judy
Imported Judy

TBC/LH FARM’S are proud to introduce the birth of 6 females and 4 males sired by Imported Glen and out of Imported Jill on 1-12-22. This is a repeat breeding.

TBC Kevin (Imported Jimmy and out of Imported Jill) will be bred to Imported Floss later winter or early Spring

TBC Imported Coal will be bred to Imported Meg later winter or early Spring.

Sire and Dam History

Videos are available on the pups on my UTube Channel (in the search box type drkarent1946) and Facebook.

Reserving a puppy

If you’ve already sent in a puppy reservation, it has been posted on my litter information. If you’ve sent in a deposit after the puppies have been born, then a copy has been made of the check and it’s been noted. I will call or email you when the litter is about 4 days old or you can call me in the evening. Reserve a puppy