TBC’s Trey

TBC’S Trey ABC 266434

Cornell School of Veterinarian Medicine read excellent. Elbows normal; eyes tested normal; DNA CEA normal; DNA CL normal.

TBC Trey ABC 266434 is a handsome rough coated, black and white, pricked earred male, whose all business when he’s working, and so engaging when he’s not working stock!  Trey is powerful, keen, and a real team player!  Trey is sired by Alan Miller’s Open trial dog, Drift abc 234396, whose sired by Joan Rogers’ @GOYALLT Drift ABC 133810!  @GOYALLT Drift is sired by W. Goligher’s Glen ISDS 168524, and he’s out of W.G.L. Davies’ Deveron Fan ISDS 201962!  Drift ABC 23439 dam is Imported Fly ABC 217453, and Fly is sired by J. Owens’ Chip ISDS 233950, and her dam is G. Jones’ Pershore Meg ISDS 218975!  On Trey’s bottom side his dam is Dave Scovell’s Tess ABC 247028, and her sire is Ken Arrendale’s Mac 100456, and her dam is Lyle Boyer-Lad’s Imported Jace ABC 107495!  Trey is a young dog, whose been running well in open, and will now become my farm and demonstration dog, and occasionally trial dog!

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