TBC’S Christian

Christian is permanently retired from breeding & working, and is living out her life at the Thompson’s farm as Karen’s constant companion! Christian’s DOB is 5-1-94 – hips OFA excellent/pennhip scores above average, eyes CERF!

Baer Tested Normal! Christian is a sleek, bw, s-coated, pricked eared bitch! Christian’s temperament is without fault! Christian’s sire, Imported Boy ABC 39773, and her dam, Hazel ABC 15278 have been top trial winners, and National Final qualifiers for Amanda Milliken for a number of years! She carries the blood of J. Cropper’s #Cap 142018, #Dryden Joe ISDS 104626, and #Bwlch Taff ISDS 113243! Christian is the dam of Gordon Deno’s Duncan, who is the youngest dog in U.S. History to be certified in search and rescue (6 mos., 1 week, and 2 days of age), agility winners, therapy dogs, and above all solid working stock dogs! Christian is the dam of our young trial dog,  Rod, whose doing extremely well to be so young!  Rod qualified for the National Nursery Finals! Christian was one of my favorite companion and working farm dogs! Fortunately, we have her daughter, Emmy, who is now retired!


TBC’s Imp. Juno, Imp. Fly, & Imp. Bea

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