Imported Gail


Gail’s DOB is 1-24-95 – hips OFA good penn hip scores above average – eyes tested normal.

Baer Tested Normal! Gail has been with us since she was 10 month olds, and has placed and won consistently in open for a number of years, as well as qualifying for the Nationals! Gail is sired by D. Scott of Ireland’s Glen ISDS 191348, whose by M. O. Boyle’s Bill ISDS 155548, and out of J. Thompson of Scotland’s Jess ISDS 151097, and Gail’s dam is I. Stevenson of Ireland’s Jen ISDS 190054, and Jen’s by Dalziel’s ##Wisp ISDS 1614887! Gail is a well made, well mannered, tough, smooth coated, black and white, tipped eared dog! Gail works sheep, goats, cattle, and birds! She produced stockdog trial winning dogs, and those doing well in the agility world!

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