The American Kennel Club Announces The Winners of the 2019 Breeder of Year By Sport Awards

The American Kennel Club wishes to acknowledge those individuals that have excelled at breeding dogs that have proven to be outstanding in AKC sports.  The commitment to preserve, protect and improve a breed represents the very essence of the AKC. The 2019 AKC Breeder of the Year by Sport Award is given to those whoContinue reading “The American Kennel Club Announces The Winners of the 2019 Breeder of Year By Sport Awards”


I want to commend The American Kennel Club for acknowledging we Breeders, who strive to breed dogs, who are able to demonstrate their genetic abilities throughAKC sports. The following statement from AKC is powerful, and it’s followed by a paragraph from my website of my mission statement as a breeder of working border collies: “TheContinue reading “MY 12-17-19 FACEBOOK POST:”

Do Not Buy A Border Collie From TBC Unless

You’re going to be committed to him or her for life! I’ll be committed to helping you in any way, shape or form for the life of your puppy/dog, therefore it’s critical that you assume the responsibility to see to his or her needs, which means physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ll be providing you withContinue reading “Do Not Buy A Border Collie From TBC Unless”

It’s Not “All In How You Raise Them”: The Role Of Genetics In Behavior

Conventional wisdom says that young puppies come to us as blank slates. Full of promise and limitless potential, ready to be molded into your ideal companion as long as you do your part – provide lots of love, the right amount of discipline, and appropriate training along the way. If you’re a caring, responsible pet owner, there’s no reason that your puppy should not grow up to be a model canine citizen.

To Border Collie Buyers: Educate Yourself

When you are thinking about buying a Border Collie, educate yourself about the pros and cons of the Border Collie breed, and what is required of you to have a successful life with the pup you purchase. Ask yourself what is the function, that you’re wishing your Border Collie to fulfill. The Border Collie isContinue reading “To Border Collie Buyers: Educate Yourself”

Columbine Student’s Father 12 Years Later

December 24, 2012 Guess our national leaders didn’t expect this. On Thursday, Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School shootings in Littleton , Colorado , was invited to address the House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee. What he said to our national leaders during this special session of Congress wasContinue reading “Columbine Student’s Father 12 Years Later”

A True Story

By Malcolm Forbes ‘People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel’. May each of us heed the message of the following, and strive whenever possible to help change today’s too often outburst of violence: