I want to commend The American Kennel Club for acknowledging we Breeders, who strive to breed dogs, who are able to demonstrate their genetic abilities throughAKC sports.

The following statement from AKC is powerful, and it’s followed by a paragraph from my website of my mission statement as a breeder of working border collies:

“The 2019 AKC Breeder of the Year by Sport Award is given to those who have dedicated themselves to improving the health, temperament and performance of dogs in a given sport.”

I believe wholeheartedly in preserving the abilities of the border collie to work and have a desire to please, therefore I strive to breed individuals with proven working STOCKDOG bloodlines, who themselves have the qualities, that make the border collie unique within the realm of the dog world! Such dedication in working and breeding border collies makes it a pleasure to stand behind the individuals, that I breed and sell at TBC Border Collies Farm.

Critical to every breeder are those individuals, who have the dogs from their kennel/farm. I’m blessed to have well bred sheepdogs, and equally blessed to have people, who love and work them in many various sports, as well as on their farms/ranches. I’ve said for years, that it’s 50% genetics and 50% enculturation. Also, I’m thankful to those individuals from the U.K., who’ve exported grand dogs to enable me to share their genetics here in the U.S.. Thank you, Kevin Evans and Simon Cottrell for helping me achieve the goal of solid working sheepdogs.

The Border Collie – Ultimate Breed Information Guide

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