The American Kennel Club Announces The Winners of the 2019 Breeder of Year By Sport Awards

The American Kennel Club wishes to acknowledge those individuals that have excelled at breeding dogs that have proven to be outstanding in AKC sports.  The commitment to preserve, protect and improve a breed represents the very essence of the AKC.

The 2019 AKC Breeder of the Year by Sport Award is given to those who have dedicated themselves to improving the health, temperament and performance of dogs in a given sport.

Pointing Breed Field Events Dave and Lee Walker German Shorthaired Pointers
Retriever Field Events Brenda and Ken Neil Labrador Retrievers
Spaniel Field Events Jane Haworth English Springer Spaniels
Hound Field Events Sandra Russell Dachshunds
Herding Karen Thompson Border Collies
Lure Coursing Chuck Boyd, Gail Boyd and Jenny Boyd Whippets
Earthdog Margaret, Arnold and Kathleen Henning Border Terriers
Coonhounds Ronald Holt Treeing Walker Coonhounds
Agility Donna Polka Border Collies
Obedience Maureen and Trevor Tobias Border Collies
Rally Ann Callahan Rottweilers
Tracking Helen Hittesdorf Belgian Tervurens
“Knowledgeable breeders are critical to the continued success of canine sports. These breeders have shown a long-term dedication to enhancing breed instincts and breeding sound dogs with good temperaments,” said Doug Ljungren, Executive Vice President for Sports and Events. “Their accomplishments represent the highest level of commitment to their breeds and sports.” Each recipient received a Breeder of the Year rosette mounted in a shadow box. The American Kennel Club salutes these individuals for their dedication and success in breeding purpose-bred dogs.

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