TBC’S Jaffe

TBC JAFFE ABCA 252278 – Hips OFA good elbows normal, eyes tested clear, DNA CEA normal

JAFFE2 Jaffe’s pictures speak a volume regarding his looks, and his demeanor matches his looks for he’s a cool, calm and a fun dog!  Jaffe is coming along well in training on sheep, goats, and various types of birds!  As of July, 2007, Jaffe is out running 400+ yards!   He’s sired by Johnny Wilson 2003 Reserve Scottish Nursery Final’s champion, DRIFT ISDS 250325!  Drift was sired by J. Wilson’s Tweed ISDS 234177, whose by B. Henderson’s Kep ISDS 218317!  Drift’s dam is J. Wilson’s jill ISDS 226305, who produced J. Wilson’s Maid, who was 2003 International Supreme champion!  Jill’s sired S. Davidson’s Craig ISDS 188525 was the 1995 Supreme International Supreme Champion!  Jaffe’s dam is Kylie ABC 211147, whose a littermate to Joni Swanke’s Lew and Miah, the dam to Tommy Wilson’s Whip!  Kylie’s sire is Imp. Spot ABC 206467, who was the 2002 Reserve Scottish Nursery Final’s Champion, and she’s out of Joni Swanke’s Belle ABC 146325!  Other famous dog’s in Jaffe’s pedigree are: B. Henderson’s ##Sweep ISDS 180910, J. Wilson’s ##Spot ISDS 161919, and W. D. Jones’ Mac ISDS 116944 (The Butcher’s Dog)

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