Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA is a progressive disease where tissue in the retina of the eye is destroyed. It may initially be noticed as decreased ability of the dog to see at night, and may eventually progress to total blindness. Despite the persisting impression that this genetic disease is prevalent in the breed, extensive investigation has shown the incidence of PRA in Border Collies in North America to be extremely low to non existent. Therefore, the American Border Collie Association does not currently consider it a major health concern. Elbow dysplasia is a general term used for what is essentially three different types of degenerative elbow disease. These diseases may occur singly or together and are thought to be caused by several different genes. More and more owners are having their Border Collies’ elbows evaluated each year. However, OFA reports a 0% incidence of elbow dysplasia for 210 Border Collies tested from January 1974-December 1999.

ABCA does not consider elbow dysplasia a significant health problem in the breed at this time.