Epilepsy, PRA, Elbow Dysplasia, OCD

Epilepsy is a disease characterized by seizures or “fits” as they are sometimes called. Although it’s clear Border Collies can be affected with epilepsy, the incidence and heritability in our breed are unknown. The ABCA is conducting a health survey to determine the extent of this problem in the breed. Please help us in this effort, whether you have an affected dog or not, by responding to the health survey on ABCA’s web page listed below. Since there can be many causes, determining why a dog has seizures is a complex process. The diagnosis of primary epilepsy is made based on negative results for other causes of seizures. Therefore, it is a diagnosis made by exclusion rather than by a specific test. Since we have little breed-specific information to go on, ABCA breeding recommendations concerning this disease are based on those for other affected breeds in which the disease is more well-defined. Recommendations are: Do not breed affected dogs. If two unaffected dogs produce an affected puppy, do not repeat that cross.
Genetic diseases not considered to be a significant problem in the breed at this time!