Health Issues

Health Issues2016-02-24T22:09:45+00:00

Border Collies are considered to be a generally healthy breed. However, as in all animals, there are some potential health problems. This information is presented to help both breeders and buyers to become more aware of some of the health and genetic issues in the breed at this time.

Copy and paste the following websites in to your browser: and and click on the breed tab, and then border collie tab and that will educate you on the various DNA tests available.

Next click on the various tabs underneath the health section tab.

 To be considered a genetic disease, a health problem needs to have been demonstrated to be inheritable, that is, passed on through one or both parents. Some diseases have high heritability, which means if the genes are present, the individual will have the disease, and some diseases have low heritability, meaning both genetic and environmental factors are involved in whether the disease occurs. It is generally easier to control diseases with high heritability because all individuals with the genetic makeup for the disease can usually be identified. The term heritable disease should be distinguished from the term congenital disease, or problems that are present from birth, which may or may not be heritable.