Imp. Jimmy imported from Kevin Evans
Imp. Jimmy imported from Kevin Evans

TBC’S Imp. Mick
TBC’s Imp. Glen


Home of working border collies, livestock guardian dogs, Dorper hair sheep, Tunis wool sheep, and percentage Boer goats! I’ve been working, training, and breeding border collies for more than thirty eight years!

I believe wholeheartedly in preserving the abilities of the border collie to work and have a desire to please, therefore I strive to breed individuals with proven working STOCKDOG bloodlines, who themselves have the qualities, that make the border collie unique within the realm of the dog world! Such dedication in working and breeding border collies makes it a pleasure to stand behind the individuals, that I breed and sell at TBC Border Collie Farm!

Not everyone is blessed to have a farm or ranch, however that does not diminish the fact, that those people, who don’t have a farm or ranch, nonetheless admire the border collie!  Therefore, I strive to help them find the pup or dog, who’ll be most suited to their particular lifestyle!  Albeit, companion and or working dog!

Likewise, I’m dedicated to preserving the working ability of the livestock guardian dog! My farm is fully protected by our livestock guardian dogs!

We have Maremmas, Anatolians and Maremma/Anatolian crosses securing the well being of TBC’s livestock.

I did not write this however it’s words express my love of my life on the farm:


Photos views of TBC's Main and Base Farms
Photos views of TBC’s Main Farm
Views From the Main Farm
Views From the Main Farm

TBC's Farm birds and Fowl

TBC Farm 6-6-18