Clinics & Trials

39th Virginia State Fair Sheepdog Demonstrations

At the former home of the famous Race Horse, Secretariat, the Meadow Farm in Doswell, Virginia

  • Dr. Karen Thompson – 804 357-8059
  • Wednesday,  October 2, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. 1:00 and  2:00 p.m.

For information contact Karen Thompson at 804 357-8059 or email:


Richmond Dog Obedience Club 

Farm Dog Certification Test October 19, 2019
KENNEL CLUB CERTIFICATION Permission has been granted by the American Kennel Club for the holding of this event under AKC Rules and Regulations. Gina DiNardo, Secretary Event Number 2019017426
TBC Farm, 9400 Tunstall Road, New Kent, VA 23124 Entry Fee $30.00
Entries limited to 25 dogs
Pre-entries close Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.
Day of test entries accepted if space allows. Contact Betty Swenson at (preferred) or 804-539-2357 to find out if entries have filled, or for any other questions.
The FDC Test is designed to assess the overall conduct of a dog in a typical farm environment. The dog must demonstrate self-control when exposed to livestock and other unique sights, sounds and scents. The dog must exhibit confidence and a willingness to comply with instructions when confronted with a variety of situations. The FDC Test is not intended to confer herding ability, but rather a foundation of self- control and biddability beneficial to all working dogs.
Judge: Betty Swenson, 5904 Ridge Road, Richmond, VA 23227.
Eligibility of Dogs: The FDC Test is open to all dogs at least 9 months of age that are individually registered with the AKC, recorded in the FSS program, dogs with PAL numbers or dogs enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners program. This information must be available at the time of testing (for day-of-show entries). Females in season may not enter. Dogs with physical challenges (including amputees) are eligible to enter provided, in the opinion of the judge, they display no signs of physical discomfort and can safely complete the test. A dog may enter only once per event.
See the AKC website, for a complete list of regulations & test requirements.

Ribbons: Each qualifier will be awarded a rosette.
Livestock provided by TBC Farm. Possibilities include sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, and peafowl. Cats also live here.
* REMINDER * FDC requires two passes under two judges.
* This test is being held in conjunction with a Farm Open House. Hang around to see sheepherding
demonstrations and to learn about livestock guardian dogs, care of sheep and goats, and other fun stuff!
Richmond Dog Obedience Club Farm Dog Certification Test Committee:
Test Chair: Betty Swenson
Test Secretary: Catherine Foldesi
Committee Members: Valerie Pascal, Penny Edwards, Gail Peters, Les Foldesi, Janis Dibert RDOC Officers:
President: Peter Lenk
Vice President: Susan Nepomuceno
Recording Secretary: Penny Edwards Corresponding Secretary: Nicole Allen
Treasurer: Rocky Altimore
Training Directors: Valerie Pascal, Theresa Myers

I ENCLOSE $ ________for entry fees
IMPORTANT-Read Carefully Instructions on Reverse Side Before Filling Out. Numbers in the boxes indicate sections of the instructions relevant to the information needed in that box (PLEASE PRINT)
AKC Rules, Regulations, Policies and Guidelines are available on the American Kennel Club Web site,
I (we) agree that the club holding this event has the right to refuse this entry for cause which the club shall deem sufficient.
In consideration of the acceptance of this entry and of the holding of this event and of the opportunity to have the dog judged and to win prizes, ribbons, or trophies, I (we) agree to hold the AKC, the event-giving club, their members, directors, governors, officers, agents, superintendents or event secretary and the owner and/or lessor of the premises and any provider of services that are necessary to hold this event and any employees or volunteers of the aforementioned parties, and any AKC approved judge, judging at this event, harmless from any claim for loss or injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or thing by the act of this dog while in or about the event premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto, and I (we) personally assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim; and I (we) further agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for loss, injury or damage to this dog.
Additionally, I (we) hereby assume the sole responsibility for and agree to indemnify, defend and save the aforementioned parties harmless from any and all loss and expense (including legal fees) by reason of the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damage because of bodily injuries, including death at any time resulting therefrom, sustained by any person or persons, including myself (ourselves), or on account of damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of my (our) participation in this event, however such, injuries, death or property damage may be caused, and whether or not the same may have been caused or may be alleged to have been caused by the negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees, agents, or any other persons. I (WE) AGREE THAT ANY CAUSE OF ACTION, CONTROVERSY OR CLAIM ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO THE ENTRY, EXHIBITION OR ATTEN- DANCE AT THE EVENT BETWEEN THE AKC AND THE EVENT-GIVING CLUB (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN ITS PREMIUM LIST) AND MYSELF (OURSELVES) OR AS TO THE CONSTRUCTION, INTERPRETATION AND EFFECT OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE SETTLED BY ARBITRATION PURSUANT TO THE APPLICABLE RULES OF THE AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION. HOWEVER, PRIOR TO ARBITRATION ALL APPLICA- BLE AKC BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES MUST FIRST BE FOLLOWED AS SET FORTH IN THE AKC CHARTER AND BYLAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS, PUBLISHED POLICIES AND GUIDELINES.
1. (Variety) if you are entering a dog of breed in which there are varieties for show purposes, please designate the particular variety you are entering, i.e., Cocker Spaniel (solid color black, ASCOB, parti-color), Beagles (not exceeding 13 in., over 13 in. but not exceeding 15 in.), Dachshunds (longhaired, smooth, wirehaired), Collies (rough, smooth), Bull Terriers (colored, white), Manchester Terriers (standard, toy), Chihuahuas (smooth coat, long coat), English Toy Spaniels (King Charles and Ruby, Blenheim and Prince Charles), Poodles (toy, miniature, standard).
2. The following categories of dogs may be entered and shown in Best of Breed competition: Dogs that are Champions of Record and dogs which, according to their owners’ records, have completed the requirements for a championship, but whose championships are unconfirmed. The showing of unconfirmed Champions in Best of Breed competition is limited to a period of 90 days from the date of the show where the dog completed the requirements for a championship.
3. (Event Class) Consult the classification in this premium list. If the event class in which you are entering your dog is
divided, then, in addition to designating the class, specify the particular division of the class in which you are entering your dog, i.e, age division, color division, weight division.
4. A dog must be entered in the name of the person who actually owned it at the time entries for an event closed. If a registered dog has been acquired by a new owner it must be entered in the name of its new owner in any event for which entries closed after the date of acquirement, regardless of whether the new owner has received the registration certificate indicating that the dog is recorded in his/her name. State on entry form whether transfer application has been mailed to the AKC. (For complete rules, refer to Chapter 11, Section 3.)
5. Mixed Breed dogs entering classes for Agility, Obedience, and Rally trials should mark Breed as “All-American Dog/Mixed Breed.” Sire and Dam information shall remain blank for mixed breed entrants.
If this entry is for Junior Showmanship, please give the following information:
CLASS DIVISION Weight, color, etc.
BIRTH (list country)
Do not print the above in catalog.
RALLY CLASS (Jump Height)
Enter number here
ACTUAL OWNER(S)___________________________________________________________________________________
(Please Print)
OWNER’S ADDRESS___________________________________________________________________________________
CITY__________________________________________________STATE_____________________ ZIP________________
(IF ANY) AT THE SHOW _________________________________________________________________________
I CERTIFY that I am the actual owner of the dog, or that I am the duly authorized agent of the actual owner whose name I have entered above. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I (we) agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club in effect at the time of this event, and by any additional rules and regulations appearing in the premium list for this event, and further agree to be bound by the “Agreement” printed on the reverse side of this entry form. I (we) certify and represent that the dog entered is not a hazard to persons or other dogs. This entry is submitted for acceptance on the foregoing representation and Agreement. I (we) agree to conduct myself (ourselves) in accordance with all such Rules and Regulations (including all provisions applying to discipline) and to abide by any decisions made in accord with them.
■ SIGNATURE of owner or his/her agent
duly authorized to make this entry ________________________________________________________________________________
TELEPHONE #______________________________________________ dd_______________________ Are you a new exhibitor? Yes No Owner/Handled Eligible? Yes No
E-MAIL Address (An acknowledgement or receipt of entry may be sent to this e-mail address):
Emergency contact:____________________________________Telephone_______________________________________
The above number MUST be included. Should you not have your Junior Handler number, this may be obtained from the American Kennel Club. Phone: (919) 233-9767.
By signing the entry form I (we) certify that the Junior Showman does not now, and will not at any time, act as an agent/handler for pay while continuing to compete in Junior Showmanship.
ADDRESS___________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY_______________________________________________________ STATE____________________ ZIP__________________
■ If Junior Handler is not the owner of the dog identified on the face of this form, what is the relationship of the Junior Handler to the Owner? AEN999 (019) v1.0P d