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Thompson Border Collie Wool Breeds

REAL KEEN leashes

Made individually from various types of wool. Each comes with a story. Contact Debbie Ferguson Crowder by phone evening only at 804 382-0194 or visit Real Keen Leashes on Facebook.

Stacie Bowers and TBC Briggs


16 years ago, my Aussie puppy and I attended a local obedience class, igniting a lifelong spark and intense love of working with dogs. Over the past few years, I have been working toward a few goals on the side, bringing a dream I’ve had since that time to a reality.

I’m proud to share I’ve earned CPDT-KA certification and have officially launched my side project business, http://www.curiouscanines.com. I have seen the positive impact modern dog training has in performance dog sports, behavior modification cases, and the service dog/assistance dog industry. Our online courses are intended to provide modern dog training education to people and their dogs, regardless of their schedule and proximity to training facilities. This is just the beginning!

What I’m most excited about is Curious Canines, LLC is a For Purpose business. I will be using part of the profits to give back to accredited non-profit guide dog, hearing, and service dog programs across the country. Each quarter we will partner with an assistance dog program and share their message with our community.

Thank you to those who have shared their knowledge with me along the way. I want to give a special thank you to a few people and organizations who have made an extra special impact: Layla Amberger, Dana Funk, Jan Jones, Karen Thompson, Carolyn Noteman, Kristin Burke, Low Country Dog Agility, and PAALS – Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services

Join us and follow along the journey at http://www.curiouscanines.com, Curious Canines, LLC, and Instagram @thecuriouscollie

And of course, if you or a friend ever needs help with their dog or puppy – feel free to send them our way!


Trained Border Collies for Humane Canada Goose Control