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To Border Collie Buyers: Educate Yourself

When you are thinking about buying a Border Collie, educate yourself about the pros and cons of the Border Collie breed, and what is required of you to have a successful life with the pup you purchase.

  • Ask yourself what is the function, that you're wishing your Border Collie to fulfill. The Border Collie is considered to be the most versatile breed of canine existing, however that does not translate by any means, that they're suited for everyone. Actually, because of their nature, they're not suited to many human individuals. Be aware that they can be the dog from heaven or hades.
  • Ask the breeder, if they do hips and genetic testing?
  • Ask the breeder what traits are they selecting for when they mate a pair. Ask detailed information about each parent?
  • Ask about the environment where they are raised in and how they are socialized?
  • Ask what the breeder guarantees?
  • If, it's a repeat breeding, ask if the breeder will share the names and contact information of past buyers of this cross?

If, at all possible ask for all pertinent pictures and videos. Above all, if possible visit the breeder. Educate yourself as to the negative inherited traits in the breed.

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