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Premier Geese Control Service
Premier Geese Control Service

Custom Obedience in house Training by Carolyn Noteman. Contact: 434 996-0572 

Agility Lessons on TBC'S FARM by appointment: Carolyn Noteman at 434 996-0572 or Mary Elizabeth Williams call evenings only at 804 402-0025

Mary Elizabeth Williams' bio.:

About fifteen years ago the agility “bug” bit me. I rescued an AmStaff, DeBo, from the local shelter and he needed something to do. The rest is history.
Crush was my first BC and completed her MACH in 2014. She was a few legs shy of her ADCH when an old leg injury caused a bit of an early retirement. She was the perfect first BC and my first MACH dog.
Naughty, my second BC has a long list of accomplishments. She has taken me to the podium at USDAA Regionals in 2014 in third place for the Team event, second place at USDAA Regionals in 2015 for Masters Challenge Biathlon and first place at the UKI US Open in 2016 in the Power and Speed class. All were amazing experiences. She is a small BC, standing at only 17”. She is an amazing partner and she has taken me to places in agility I never thought were possible.
I am also owned by two more BC’s, Patch and Hustle. Both are competing in USBCHA herding trials. I am a herding novice but I have had the luxury of having some wonderful friends and mentors that have gotten me hooked. Hustle will eventually be started in agility as well. He is almost three years old and is a joy to have as a partner. Patch will be five in January and is running at the Pro-Novice level and doing quite well for me. She came from the UK as a started dog and has been instrumental in teaching me so much.
I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding lessons. I love course analysis and foundations more than anything so please feel free to reach out via phone at (804) 402-0025 or via e-mail at

Julie Poudrier offers sheep Herding lessons for Farm work and sheep dog trialling! Call or text Julie at 252 267-5603 or email her at

Splendid wool fleeces for more information call or text Julie Poudrier at 252 267-5603 or Mary Elizabeth Williams at 804 402-0025

REAL KEEN leashes made individually from various types of wool. Each comes with a story. Contact Debbie Ferguson Crowder by phone evening only at 804 382-0194 or visit Real Keen Leashes on Facebook.