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Retired Border Collies & LGDogs

A few of the dogs, I've had over 35 + years of working and breeding working Sheepdog Border Collies

TBC'S Christian

Christian is permanently retired from breeding & working, and is living out her life at the Thompson's farm as Karen's constant companion! Christian's DOB is 5-1-94 - hips OFA excellent/pennhip scores above average, eyes CERF!

Baer Tested Normal! Christian is a sleek, bw, s-coated, pricked eared bitch! Christian's temperament is without fault! Christian's sire, Imported Boy ABC 39773, and her dam, Hazel ABC 15278 have been top trial winners, and National Final qualifiers for Amanda Milliken for a number of years! She carries the blood of J. Cropper's #Cap 142018, #Dryden Joe ISDS 104626, and #Bwlch Taff ISDS 113243! Christian is the dam of Gordon Deno's Duncan, who is the youngest dog in U.S. History to be certified in search and rescue (6 mos., 1 week, and 2 days of age), agility winners, therapy dogs, and above all solid working stock dogs! Christian is the dam of our young trial dog,  Rod, whose doing extremely well to be so young!  Rod qualified for the National Nursery Finals! Christian was one of my favorite companion and working farm dogs! Fortunately, we have her daughter, Emmy, who is now retired!


TBC’s Imp. Juno, Imp. Fly, & Imp. Bea


Gail's DOB is 1-24-95 - hips OFA goodpennhip scores above average - eyes tested normal.

Baer Tested Normal! Gail has been with us since she was 10 month olds, and has placed and won consistently in open for a number of years, as well as qualifying for the Nationals! Gail is sired by D. Scott of Ireland's Glen ISDS 191348, whose by M. O. Boyle's Bill ISDS 155548, and out of J. Thompson of Scotland's Jess ISDS 151097, and Gail's dam is I. Stevenson of Ireland's Jen ISDS 190054, and Jen's by Dalziel's ##Wisp ISDS 1614887! Gail is a well made, well mannered, tough, smooth coated, black and white, tipped eared dog! Gail works sheep, goats, cattle, and birds! She produced stockdog trial winning dogs, and those doing well in the agility world!


TBC'S Jaffe

TBC JAFFE ABCA 252278 - Hips OFA good elbows normal, eyes tested clear, DNA CEA normal

JAFFE2 Jaffe's pictures speak a volume regarding his looks, and his demeanor matches his looks for he's a cool, calm and a fun dog!  Jaffe is coming along well in training on sheep, goats, and various types of birds!  As of July, 2007, Jaffe is out running 400+ yards!   He's sired by Johnny Wilson 2003 Reserve Scottish Nursery Final's champion, DRIFT ISDS 250325!  Drift was sired by J. Wilson's Tweed ISDS 234177, whose by B. Henderson's Kep ISDS 218317!  Drift's dam is J. Wilson's jill ISDS 226305, who produced J. Wilson's Maid, who was 2003 International Supreme champion!  Jill's sired S. Davidson's Craig ISDS 188525 was the 1995 Supreme International Supreme Champion!  Jaffe's dam is Kylie ABC 211147, whose a littermate to Joni Swanke's Lew and Miah, the dam to Tommy Wilson's Whip!  Kylie's sire is Imp. Spot ABC 206467, who was the 2002 Reserve Scottish Nursery Final's Champion, and she's out of Joni Swanke's Belle ABC 146325!  Other famous dog's in Jaffe's pedigree are: B. Henderson's ##Sweep ISDS 180910, J. Wilson's ##Spot ISDS 161919, and W. D. Jones' Mac ISDS 116944 (The Butcher's Dog)

TBC'S Megan ABCA 161956

1meganOpen Trial Winner of OFA Good/PennHip scores in the 98% - Eyes tested clear. Baer Tested normal! Megan is permanently retired from breeding.





Hips OFA Good/Elbows normal; eyes tested clear; DNACEA normal

TBC Pat is a small, rough coated, black and white female!  Pat is from a long line of sheep and cattle working dogs! Pat has an outstanding personality, and endears herself to everyone who meets her!  Pat has placed and won at the pro novice level.


TBC'S Peg ABCA 144660

Hips OFA GoodElbows normal - PENNHIP scores above normal - DNACEA normal

Peg's DOB is 10-5-97 - OFA GOOD, PENNHIP Scores above average, eyes CERF! Peg has a sweet, biddable temperament, and always wants to be with you when she's not working! Peg's a pretty, medium sized, bw, rough-coated, pricked eared bitch! Peg is sired by Imported Jim ABC 133041 (a.k.a. The Bomber), and out of Hughes' of Wales trial winning bitch, Bet ISDS 188945! Peg is a grand daughter of the great Dalziel's ##Wisp ISDS 161487! Peg has been winning and placing consistently, since she made her debut to the trailing world in 1999!  Peg has qualified for the National Open Finals every year that she's been trialing!  Peg was invited to the Soldier Hollow Invitational in 2006, and again in 2007!  Peg was the 2007 Virginia Border Collie Association Reserve Champion Open dog behind her kennel mate, Megan!


TBC'S Trey ABC 266434

Cornell School of Veterinarian Medicine read excellent. Elbows normal; eyes tested normal; DNA CEA normal; DNA CL normal.

TBC Trey ABC 266434 is a handsome rough coated, black and white, pricked earred male, whose all business when he's working, and so engaging when he's not working stock!  Trey is powerful, keen, and a real team player!  Trey is sired by Alan Miller's Open trial dog, Drift abc 234396, whose sired by Joan Rogers' @GOYALLT Drift ABC 133810!  @GOYALLT Drift is sired by W. Goligher's Glen ISDS 168524, and he's out of W.G.L. Davies' Deveron Fan ISDS 201962!  Drift ABC 23439 dam is Imported Fly ABC 217453, and Fly is sired by J. Owens' Chip ISDS 233950, and her dam is G. Jones' Pershore Meg ISDS 218975!  On Trey's bottom side his dam is Dave Scovell's Tess ABC 247028, and her sire is Ken Arrendale's Mac 100456, and her dam is Lyle Boyer-Lad's Imported Jace ABC 107495!  Trey is a young dog, whose been running well in open, and will now become my farm and demonstration dog, and occasionally trial dog!


Normal hips, CEA carrier

TBC'S Toss

Toss was by Imported Moss, whom I purchased from Arthur Allen, and Moss was sired by the GREAT John Gilchrist Spot 24981 and out of the great John Purdie's Maude! All 30 pounds of him was focused, brave and concise about whatever he was doing! My number 1 Border Collie followed by TBC'S Christian, TBC'S Nell and many other working sheepdog partners.

Livestock Guardian Dogs: