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Reserving a Puppy

All Border Collie pups are purebred, registered with imported and top working bloodlines. My guarantee is that each pup will demonstrate working ability, intelligence and be physically and emotionally sound. All puppies born and raised at Thompson's Border Collie Farm will be registered with the farm's prefix, TBC. All pups will have been wormed 3 times and vaccinated once by six weeks of age.

If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your puppy he or she will be replaced. I ask that you read carefully the article on my Puppy page entitled Please Don't Buy a Border Collie Puppy If... and please take it to heart. I'm going to do my part and I expect you to do your part for the life of your pup, which means to socialize, train, give him or her plenty of exercise and mental stimulation tempered with lots of love and an equal amount of discipline!

Go to and in the SEARCH BOX type drkarent1946 to view all of my videos.

Puppy Reservation Form

I require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit once the puppies have been born. However, if by 5 weeks of age I don't think that I have a puppy that'll suit you, then I will refund the deposit.

I prefer a: _____ Male _____ Female

_____ I will pick my puppy up at the farm on which heshe was born in Virginia or at Dr. Karen Thompson's farm.**

 _____ I'd rather have my puppy shipped

Please enclose a check/money order made out to Dr. Karen Thompson for $100. Payment-in-full is required prior to shipping or when picked up!

** To arrange picking up your puppy please phone: Dr. Karen Thompson at 804 357-8059 or e-mail her at


Shipping Instructions

I prefer that you pick up your puppy, but if you live a distance that is too far to drive we can ship the puppy. Please complete the form below and send to:

Dr. Karen Thompson
9480 Griffith Circle Rd.
New Kent, VA. 23124

Shipping information

Name:   ________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

Email:  ____________________________________________

Telephone: Home: __________________ Cell: ____________________

Nearest major airport where pup is to be shipped: _____________________________

Buyer's signature ____________________________________________________