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Boarding Services


Pet sitting and Basic Obedience training scheduled through Ginny Fuhrmeister. Heated and air conditioned --  Two private cottages for multiple family dogs or special ones; indoor & outdoor runs. For more information call Ginny Fuhrmeister at 703 431-5675 or Karen Thompson at 804 357-8059!

*We appreciate you're calling or texting us 1 hour prior to arriving at TBC's Main Farm for a scheduled drop off or pickup of your pet(s)!

Your pet must be up to date and have proof from your veterinarian of the following:

Vaccinations Examinations
DHLPP Booster Annual Health Examination
Bordetella Booster Fecal Examination
Rabies Canine 3 Year Booster Heartworm Antigen Test
Heartworm Preventative Frontline plus

Long term boarding (2 weeks are longer) must be paid in advance! Any pet(s) left over 10 days from the pickup date will be considered abandoned, and placed in another home or facility!

Boarding Contract

If for any reason, your dog needs veterinary care while staying with us, unless otherwise prearranged with your own veterinarian, we will use the veterinarian that services our kennel or an emergency veterinarian on call after hours. It will be your responsibility to pay the bill! It is our heartfelt desire for your pet(s) to enjoy the farm! He or she will be treated like one of our dogs! We will not be held liable for any pet's illness, injury, escape or death!

For the safety of your pet(s); please inform us, if your pet has ever exhibited any of the following behaviors:

Climbing ___ Digging ___ Hard to handle___ Agression (toward people or other dogs)___ Hard to catchwon't come when called ___Chewing___ Fear of stormsnoise sensitivity___ Escape artist ___ Separation anxiety ___

Does your pet have allergies? ___ yes ___ no

Name: _________________________________________________________


Telephone:  Home: _________________ Cell: ______________________

Pet's name: _________________________________________________________

Date of arrival: __________________

Date of pick up:__________________

Please note any special instructions:




Signed: _________________________________________________________